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Thursday, 20 December 2007

I AM LEGEND! Rawr...

Another crazy title.

By the way, I'm writing the the majority of this post using Windows Vista's voice recognition.  Just for the hell of it.  It's actually pretty hard; since voice recognition seems to be pretty messed up, just trying to do the previous few sentences were a real pain in the ass.  Now on to the meat of this article.

I saw "I am legend" the other day.  I didn't go in with high expectations but I actually quite enjoyed it, I am not going to write a full review up about this film but I just like to point out few points:

  • Will Smith does a good job of acting in the movie.  And his trademark humour blends in perfectly at times which adds to the overall feel of the film.
  • The film gives a real sense of Will Smith being the last person on earth and seeing the whole devastated NYC thing really puts things into perspective.
  • Will Smith talking to a mannequin looks more natural than it should do.
  • If you've seen the trailers then you may have seen Will Smith doing some bad-ass Mr. T training but in the movie it's almost at the most opposite side of the spectrum.  He's a doctor.
  • The movie title doesn't really make sense until the end, and even then it's slightly cheesy.  They should have went with the book's ending, with a beheading!

Note:  I have officially abandoned Voice Recognition at this point since it actually made things harder than it need be.  I still agree that Voice Recognition is the future, but right now it's not really anything but a pain in the proverbial ass.


Oh and by the way, the dog dies.  It gets strangled by Will Smith.  Damn... poor dog...



While Gavin and I were talking about said movie he linked me to an interesting trailer.  Another Will Smith film!  This dude just never stops working!

And I've got to say, the trailer you're about to see owns the whole 'I am Legend' movie in turns of comedy anyway...

The last few moments of the trailer is amazing.  With the whale and the flinging and the boat and the hitting and the awesomeness and KABOOM!  Mind explosion.


'I don't even remember that.'

'Greenpeace does.'


Pure scripting genius.  If the whole movie is like that then it will be amazing.

High hopes for this one.








The other day I also picked up Civilization IV the game.  Before you go: WTF?  What happened to the list?!

Well, I thought it through and it made a lot more sense to pick up Civ IV.  Why?  Well, it's simple.  My list mainly consisted of FPS and fast-twitch, fast-reaction games.  But now that I think about it most of the time on my laptop I won't have a mouse, and playing on the touchpad is nearly impossible!  Seriously, FPS + touchpad = 0 kills for you.

So, Civilization IV was a good choice.  Slow-paced and actually suitable for a laptop.  For the record, I tried to play Civilization IV using the voice recognition thing... my advice:  Don't do it.


At the same time I also picked up Lego Stars: The Complete Saga for the Wii.  I've played the second game before but never really played the first, so I thought whatever and went ahead to pick it up.  And it's more of the same wacky insane humour of the lego series with more stuff added in.  There are even trailers in it, Lego Indiana Jones looks good.

As I'm typing, my sister is playing and it's hard to concentrate on both at the same time so don't blame me if none of this makes any sense.


I should really be doing my homework (which consists of several exams!) but I really can't be asked.  I've fallen into my holiday schedule against my own will, it sucks cos now it's going to be doubly hard to get up early in the morning.  My current waking up and sleeping times are this:

Wake up:  2/3PM

Sleep at:  4/5AM

I know I really shouldn't but I just can't help it, it happens every holiday...  and I have to wake up at like 10 tomorrow as well to meet Gavin and Ashley to go to town.  Then afterwards we're stopping off at Daisy's house for some GH3 action (even though me and Ashley are supplying the wiitars and game).

So, get ready for that.  I think it's going to be no competition again for me, seeing as the next most experienced person at the game is Ashley and he can't play medium.  Basically, it's going to be total PWNAGE to me.  Sweet.

But now it's off to doing homework... even though I probably won't.

Actually there's just one more thing I'd like to rant about.  The exams.  Ahem... clear my throat...



Catch ya later (alligator... mental note:  Alligator jokes = not funny).

EDIT#1:  I just thought this was funny so I might as well post it up.  Just a few moments ago I got attacked messaged by a bunch of people via the IM messaging tool at the bottom of this page.  What was funny about it was the fact that they were all claiming to be different people.  Some were obvious that they were not who they say they were like the person imitating Daisy was calling me 'john' but I know that she calls me 'wai june' all the time.  It was pretty messed up.

Eventually most people revealed who they were, or at least I think they did as I had no real method to check.  Apparently one was Lewis and another was Kate etc.  The only mystery left now was who was 'leeman' I'm kinda torn by the fact that some of the stuff that he/she said could have actually been Leeman but I don't think it was.

Despite some of the vulgar stuff said, I found this experience quite funny.  Well, I would have done if I wasn't so bloody tired.  So, haha guys well done.  Jokes on me.

I knew a day like this would come if place the IM window at the bottom, but at least it's useful for something: Play pranks on me.

But still I'm kinda intrigued on who that last person was... damn, now I really wanna know.  Ah well.  Another funny part was when I interrogated some of them and they tried to avoid the question.  Take for example this one (from the top of my head):


Me:  Right, so if you're Ashley.  What was the team name that you gave your team for that gamer's day thing

Imposter:  Er... why would you ask that?  You already know...


lmfao, to be honest I had no idea what Ashley's team name was it was just a bluff!  Lol, good times.

The final question I would like to pose is: Who the f*ck masterminded all this?

It seems ever so slightly convenient that all of these started in the space of an hour or so.  That's no coincidence.  And also I received word from one of them that someone told him to just randomly message me.

I'm actually surprised that this didn't happen earlier!  It certainly added some much-needed humour to my before-sleep time.  Ah crap, it's not 1:21AM I was going to sleep earlier tonight... ah well...

Good night.  *yawn*

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