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Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Doomed to Oblivion ¬ EDIT

Not much news the past few days.

The only real news is that I got 'The Elder Scrolls VI:  Oblivion' for my laptop... albeit there is a small problem.  First, it installed fine and everything then IT WOULDN'T WORK.  I started it and tried everything but still it wouldn't work, I consulted some people and found that this also happened for some people.  Eventually, I gave up.

The following day though I came across an interesting post that explained that it was happened due to the video card and something about shaders or something.  Seeing as mine was a laptop and it wouldn't be a very good idea to change the video card, I opted for the software method.  Using this application called 'Old Oblivion' it artificiated some shaders for me and I was able to run the game!  Hooray!

The game looks frickin amazing - and people who have played the game (pretty much all of you by now :P) will agree with me.  For all those who haven't seen/heard/played the game (all 4 of you) before here are some screenshots:


(Actual in-game footage)


(Click to see full-size)

Unfortunately for me though... the game still messed up on Vista.  I think I managed to play the first part - basically the tutorial level - before it konked out on me.  It was just getting good as well...  I had a look around the official site to see if this was a known bug or not and turns out Bethesda Softworks don't officially support Vista in Oblivion.


So that means I end up having to take the game back on Friday... *sigh*

Oh well.  What PC game should I get in it's place though?  I've been racking my brain trying to think of another PC game that I would like to play on my laptop and so far I have:

  • COD4
  • The Orange Box (HL2/Portal/TF2)
  • (Possibility)  Medieval II:  Total War
  • Bioshock
  • Halo 2
  • (Probably not)  ShadowRun
  • Company of Heroes
  • The new Civ game (don't recall what number it was)
  • Spore (when it hits... which will be probably be next year...)
  • Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
  • Gears Of War

There were some more I was thinking about but I don't/can't remember.  Ah well, I guess I'll just walk in and see what's available, maybe make a spontaneous decision.  I seem to be able to do that well.



Oh and when I went to town, I entered GAME.  Where I was going to buy Oblivion.  And guess who I saw?

No, not Santa Claus you dope.


Just in case you have no idea who Smithy is, here's a brief explanation:

Use to go to the same school as me, a year older.  Been working at GAME for about 6 weeks and does magic tricks.  He is also awesome.

That pretty much explains it.  Weird, funny experiences like this seem to happen all the time in GAME.  Just last time I saw Fred (or George... basically the one that didn't die) from the HP books in Game.  It was a splitting image!


Pretty much sums up my last two days.  Nothing special and I'm not feeling in an especially good mood, even though holidays are around the corner.  4 more lessons... just 4 more...


EDIT#1:  I'd just thought I'd mention that I'm now fully caught in the series: Heroes.  Yeah!  And I gotta say it's amazing.  It's so amazing that I'm fully prepared to make this statement:

The day I stop watching Heroes will be the day that I swallow barbed wire, pull it out my ass and floss myself to death.

Kudos to anyone who knows where that reference came from.*

I've actually been watching for a while (about 5 days now) and I haven't said anything yet because I was afraid someone might decided to "accidentally" spoil it for me.  Yes Gavin, I am looking at you.  *glare*

*If you really wanna know where it is from, here it is:  Zero punctuation's review of GH3.  Dead funny.

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