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Sunday, 23 December 2007

9 year old kid aces 'Through the Fires and Flames' ON EXPERT

It speaks for itself.

...  For the first time in my whole life, I am truly speechless...    :O x Infinity.

I found the link on Digg and my immediate thought was:  'This has got to be a elaborate hoax...'  And I'll walk you through my thoughts during the video:

'Ok... yea, he's holding the guitar...  ok, that's not bad... HOLY *beep* on a *beep* *beep* on a sandwich with *beep* on top... *the sound of my mind melting*'

I just got a line from Gavin who pretty much sums up this whole video:

"Gav™ says (21:28):
            that kid has the fingers of god :P"

Seriously, watch as your jaw drops to the floor and you start weeping at your own insignificant incompetence at GH3 compared to this kid.  Beating TTFAF on expert is a feat in itself but being a 9 year-old kid at the same time?!  That's insane!  No, wait.  That's more than insane!  It's <add more insane word than "insane" here>.  The guitar is almost as big as he is! 

It's like the gods themselves have came down from the heavens and bestowed those fingers to him (glorified Gavin's words).


That's all I wanted to share.


EDIT#1:  Changed video embedded from Break to YT.  May be easier for people.


Oh and after having a little browse around this kid has been around for ages.  There are some videos of him at 8 doing crazy stuff like this!

Watch here.

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