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Tuesday, 1 January 2008

2008 is upon us

As promised, I'm back.

I could bring you up to speed... or... I could attempt to speed through everything so that I don't have to do as much...

Yea, the latter sounds better to the tired, procrastinating me.

Ok, so Christmas Day was spent at my Grandmas and was strictly a family affair.  And since there was almost as many children there as there was adults, alcoholic beverages were absent.  Which was probably also a good idea, considering what happened two years ago but let's not talk about that.  I also brought the Wii because my uncle convinced me with this line:  'I'll bring a Wii game and you bring the Wii.'  I was going to reply: 'I'll bring a 360 game and you bring a 360.' but he hung up!  The nerve.

He ended up bringing "Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games" which seems like the game everyone is getting for Christmas; it can be quite fun in a group, especially the 100m.  It's hilarious to see adults (and even some seniors) flapping their arms like they are really running.  It seems the Wii does close the gap between the casual and the hardcore.

Anyway, we ended up spending the night at my grandmas and on the following day (boxing day) someone decided it would be a good idea to have a shopping spree in town.  And it was packed!


Let's move quickly on to New Years...

I decided to spend New Years at Daisy's (and so did many others, before you start); which seems like a growing trend for me for no apparently obvious reason.  I got there for about 6 and after multiple attempt of trying to get into the house (which all failed), until Laura came along and pointed out that the front door was open.  It wasn't my fault, it's the stupid door's fault.  I had tried to open it before, but you have to give it a good 'ol heave ho and even Laura said she could never open it.

Anyway, things moved on at it's own pace.  Ashley was late, I failed to keep my promise to Gavin (which was Daisy's fault anyway).  We ate pizza and chips.  Then spent the next 2 hours on GH3 -I should note that I can make it through TTFAF on medium with no problem now; although I'm still struggling on 'Before I forget' on hard- with many of the others actually trying medium.

During that time, Ashley and I felt tired so we fell asleep... on Daisy's bed.  Somehow, I got the feeling -in between her pulling the quilt of us and stealing the pillow- that she didn't like that very much.  But we carried on regardless, after a while a boozed up Matthew decided it would be fun to try and flatten us, we erected our own defences in the form of our knees.  And he got the point eventually.

Then GH3 was shut down and we spent the next few hours listening to music.  Then as Ashley and I were just getting comfortable, everyone and I mean: everyone piled into the bed.  For some reason, I was kicked out (flying).  I made my way back in though between Ashley and Matthew, then Ashley somehow manoeuvred me so I ended up between him and Daisy.  With almost no room, I decided to make my own... at Daisy's expense.  She ended up between the bed and wall; unable to breath and yet still able to text someone.  Typical.

Some time during that time I was attacked by the dog, while I was wrapped up in the quilt.

When midnight drew close we went downstairs to watch the fireworks.  Got outside and played some football with the dog.  Then Ashley noted that it was 11:40; and deciding that staying outside for 20 minutes isn't a good idea we went back in.  We watched the small kitchen TV for the countdown to midnight.  There was also obviously a countdown in the kitchen which ended up multiple: 'huzzahs' and 'hoorays.'  We made our way back outside again to gaze upon the fireworks and they just kept going.  We made our way round the house to the front and were greeted by a 'HAPPY NEW YEAR!' by some people we didn't even know a few houses down.  Just as Matthew and Laura went to see someone, the most awesomenest fireworks went off.

They happened only a few blocks away and so we got the full grunt of it.  They were the brightest, loudest, down-right awesome fireworks.  I swear I was temporarily blinded for a few seconds by looking into them.  What made it better was that there were a lot of them.  I still think they should have lit them all in one go so New Year went out with a bang.


And so the story ends here.  I'm sat in my living room typing up this post (it's currently 17:47).  And feeling slightly down, since college starts again tomorrow.  Damn, what a downer.  Thankfully, I had the sense to finish most of the work before yesterday.  If only tomorrow was Friday... that would mean I only had one lesson; but no it's just not to be.  To add injury to insult, I have TWO MATHS EXAMS on the 7th January.  Next MONDAY.  And what I can remember of maths consists of: 1+1 = 2  (which Richard had failed to understand.)


To make up for the little break enjoy this little video I found:


Cya soon.

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