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Monday, 7 January 2008


As you can tell, I can't be asked to think up a witty and intelligent title.  Things are just too busy for me right now, it also explains the lack of posting.

Anywayz, the title suggests that someone managed to hurt themselves so much that I felt it was important enough to use it as a post title.  And that'd be spot on.  And unfortunately for me, that "someone" was me.

I'll explain briefly the events that led up to the to the horrific accident.

I'm playing badminton with a few people, innocent enough right?  All is going well, we're trouncing them by quite a considerable margin and I felt that we were ahead enough for me to get complacent.  All is still well, the score gets to 13 - 5 (15 to win) and now I get downright cocky.  As in swinging the racket under my leg and behind my back, I even served with my eyes closed.

Then I decided to smash with my eyes closed.  That was my downfall.

The ball enters my field of vision, and I line up my shot.  I close my eyes (I had told the others before, so my partner knows to avoid me and my "racket of death").  I swing.  My racket pretty reaches 90 degrees up.  Nothing.  Hm... strange.  I should note that this was in a really short space of time, milliseconds even.  My racket reaches critical mass (I have no idea what that means, but it sounds cool) and I should have hit the ball right now.  I readjust my racket to where I think the ball is, that was my Waterloo (if I was Napoleon).  I follow-through, right-through.

This is where it hits me, literally.

Yes, it hits me in the family jewels.  Compare it to the giant throbbing internal organs of General Grievous being shot.  That is, to say:  IT HURT LIKE F***.  I only just managed to keep my footing, if it was anyone else I'm sure they would have been floored.

I don't feel like commenting on this painful "situation" anymore, just thinking about it hurts.


My dear friend, Psycho Duck who owns One Duck's Opinion.  Just opened up a forum, and since it's like a new start-up forum; I figured it wouldn't hurt to help him gain some members via this method.  Oh and if you do sign up, be aware of Duck.  Some would say he's... he's... slightly... psycho.  lol

Oh and Ryan, the mod.  Watch out for him.  He's infamous for his notorious antics.


Before I finish this relatively short post, I think I should note that last night I went on GH3 (it was the first time I've been on since the gathering on New Year's Day) and I actually made it through "3s & 7s" by Queens of the Stone Age on HARD.  Which is a feat in itself for me.  I can pretty much get through Knights of Cydonia too but I always seem to fail at the very end.

But that's not really what this is about.  It's because I had a go at some expert song.  And compared to Hard it's worlds apart.  Faster, more notes that are more difficult.  I can get through the 1st tier with not much problem (except on the encore) but after that it all just goes downhill.  I may try again after the exams, but until then it seems like their's just an unsurpassed amount of work for me to do...



EDIT#1:  Oh and I also weighed my college bag not long ago.  Guess how heavy it was?

1.2 Stones

Which is roughly equivalent to 7.62035182 kilograms (thank you Google).  That's equivalent to carrying around 7.62035182 bags of 1KG sugar bags around every frickin' day.  But I guess it's my own fault for being too lazy to take books out.

Did you know that there are 3 155 692 597 470 seconds in a century?  Got that from Google too.

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