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Thursday, 24 January 2008

It's been a while...

Ok, so I haven't posted in a while.  Bite me.


Things have been pretty hectic lately and I haven't had time to post.  The exam time 'No homework grace-period' has ended and now I'm being shoved homework left, right and center.

Then there's our practical in media.  Which is getting confusing.  I have to finish my 750 word draft by tomorrow and I haven't even started... ¬¬

We had a brainstorming session on what our ad should be about and after 3 hours we finally thought of it, an energy drink.  A name is still in the works currently but the advert is basically a guy saying: 'Oh noes!  I'm late!'  Taking an energy drink (to get more energy, duh) and then time slows.  Why?  Because it's moving so frickin fast that it seems like everyone is moving slowly!  How awesome does that sound?!  Guess who thought of the idea?  That's right, me.  It was the best idea we had.

There are other problems though, like the unknown quantity that is Jamie.  At first he said he was going to do his own poster, then joined our group to do the ad, now apparently he's left again!  So, tomorrow I'll have to see how things are and think then.


There is also news of a gathering/reunion type thing this Saturday.  More on that on Saturday... I guess.  I'm not even sure what the hell we're doing.


Having said that things have been quite hectic I don't really have any especially good stories to tell.  I guess I could rant and moan about the difficulty of Further Maths again but I guess you've had enough of that.  I also have a 750-word brief that needs to be handed in tomorrow and I haven't even started.

Oh and it's also my mom's birthday tomorrow and I still need to get her a present.  I didn't forget and only just remembered a few hours ago, honest.


Don't worry, posts should be slightly more frequent than they have been.  I can't really promise anything though.


But my unwavering devotion to this blog rivals even this guy.


Ok, maybe not quite.  Though you get what I'm saying.  I would carved 6000 steps up a mountain for you guys.  Hell!  I'd carve 6000 steps up a frickin Volcano if I have to.*


*I should say now that you can't hold me to that.  I'm a busy guy, you know.


EDIT#1:  Btw, I watched Cloverfield.  :D  T'was amazing.


Oh and since I was talking to Ashley I remembered that he apparently had a "bad chest" last week.  Now, you may not think this is anything big.  And you'd be right.

But this is coming from the guy who hurt his hand bowling, hit his head on the refrigerator door and got concussion and stood on a nail that made him miss school for a week (we saw the "hole" it made and it was virtually non-existent).  XD

That's Ashley for you.  I think that's enough of a dose of funny stories.

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