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Thursday, 17 January 2008

Awesomeness after awesomeness

First of all, I would like to recommend Fancy Pants Adventure to anyone who has yet to play it since it is such a frickin' awesome game.  Definitely the best flash game out this year.

Secondly I'd like to point out something in the game; if you go to the credits door...


Oh yea, you better believe it.  Since version 1.2 (or 1.1?) my name has been in the credits.  Why?  BECAUSE I RULEZ, DATS WHY.

Nah, it's because I helped Brad (the guy who made the game) BETA test and was generally a nuisance over at his blog.

My name will forever be remembered in an awesome flash game, awesome.

Oh and the game has music in now too.  And a bunch of bug fixes, it also loads MUCH faster now due to some optimising fixes.  So kudos to Brad!

How do I celebrate the fact that I'm in the credits of such an awesome game?  FANART!




Took me some time but I did it!

Oh yea, that's how awesome I am. Remember go check out Brad's blog.


Now moving onto something that didn't happen on the interwebz.  I was in computing today... er... computing, right.  And we were messing with how to get information from .txt files and such.  But there was one thing even the teacher (and the remarkably smart kid) was bamboozled on.  I rode in on my white stallion shouting: 'HI-HO!  SILVER!'


Ok, maybe I exaggerated a tiny bit.  I after a few trial-and-error and a healthy dose of common sense (yes, I have common sense too - and yes, I am near perfect in every way) I figured it out.  It's all things to do about arrays and procedures and variables and stuff, so you wouldn't understand.


Then in maths, Suhaib broke his bag.  Which was the funniest thing ever.  And I just stood there laughing at him, while every -sneakily and stealthily- left the room.  I was left in the room with him and ended up having to carry one of his folders in my bag.  :(

Outrage!  Even though the folder weighed close to nothing, it's blasphemous!  It's the principle that counts!

I gave it back to him though at last lesson (which was also maths).

Oh and btw, in maths we've moved onto C3 stuff.  Which is basically the stuff that the normal A-level maths students will be doing... NEXT YEAR.  That's how horribly-frightening the pace is at further maths.  Truly frightening.

And one last thing, we almost convinced someone there was a dragon upstairs in the maths room.  XD


UPDATE#1:  Another picture for you to marvel at.  I know you love em.


UPDATE#2:  Gavin pointed me towards this interesting video that I just had to share with everyone.

Watch as this dude goes through various "stages":

1) Chatty

2) Kinda obnoxious

3) Cursing

4) Hating the world

5) Going emo

6) Loving the world

7) Loss for words

8) Crying

9) Ultimate frustration

10) Giving up



It's really funny.

Oh and here's another picture for you to admire.



Brad said...

Just had to say, all those pictures do rule something fierce.

WJUK said...

Oh hey Brad. Didn't expect to find you here!

Thanks man, these pictures wouldn't be here without your awesome game though! I may do another later today... unless Link says different (I got Crossbow Training for Wii).

Leo said...

That video was hilarious. Hahaha.


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