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Thursday, 10 January 2008

Why Guitar Hero?

The exams yesterday were ok.  I managed to get through it with little to no problems.  Except one major one.


Yes, after completing the first test in roughly 50 minutes, I spent the remaining time of the test (an uncanny 40 mins) rolling my bottle up the table only to watch it roll back down; then I push it up.  It rolls back down.  Up.  Down.  Up.  Down.  Up.  Down.  You get the picture.

The second exam was harder, well through logical progression it should have been - it was C2 (1st exam was C1).  But again, I managed to breeze through with no hitches at all until the last question.

It didn't seem to make much sense to me and I was kinda confused, I don't quite remember what it was now but the last part of that question really gave me some trouble.  This was what my body was thinking:

Logical me:  Ok, this isn't too tough.  I just have to think through it logically.


My stomach:  Dudez...  I'm hungry...

My biceps:  You're always hungry man!  We should do some muscle flexs!  Look at my muscles, RAR!

My butt:  *muffle*  *muffle*  *muffle*

My biceps:  I think he agreed with me.


My fingers:  Am I the only one with finesse around here?

My feet:  I CAN'T SEE!  I'M BLIND!

My elbows:  Hey dudes!  How's it hanging?

My Brain:  SHUT THE *BEEP* UP!  I'm trying to work here assholes!

My butt:  *muffle*  (hey!)

My Brain:  Oh right sorry.  Anyway, anyone who has nothing to do with the current maths test.  LEAVE.

My biceps:  I don't see what makes you in charge.

My Brain:  Let's just say that if I cut this little nerve ending right here *points to it* see it?  Yea;  YOU'D BE DEAD.

My biceps:  Ok geez, we're leaving.

*Lots of footsteps*  *Door is slammed*

My Brain:  Finally some peace and quiet.

Creative me:  Hey, what you do-  OH NOES!  MATHS!  AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!1111111111one

My Brain:  *BEEP*

That's about how it went.  Oddly enough.  Unfortunately, I have to wait a while to get the results.  So, bear with me on that.

Now onto the actual article.


In maths we had a renaissance of uber-talking.  Yes, not just regular talking but uber-talking.  Have no idea what it means?  I'll explain briefly.  It's like regular talking but several times more awesome.  And this generally only happens when I'm around (see the connection?).

Anywayz, we were talking about all manners of stuff.  Upcoming games, movies etc.

Then talk moved onto Guitar Hero, what Rob and Richard (sounds like a comedy duo don't they?) didn't get was why anyone would want to play Guitar Hero?  I had never thought much about it before.

Why do we play Guitar Hero when we could play a real guitar?

My answer was this:  'Because it's easier.  Much easier.  Yea, sure the harder difficulties require you to train your fingers with tiny weights everyday and require what Gavin calls:  "The fingers of god."  But it's still much easier to get into then real guitars.'  They weren't so convinced.  I explained further:  'It's like why people play DDR instead of learning to actually dance.  And why there are post-apocalyptic war-games when it wouldn't be too hard to start a nuclear war and attempt to survive it's aftermath?  Because of two simple things:  Cost and effort.  Playing DDR, war-games and Guitar Hero don't cost nearly as much as it would cost to learn to dance, have a nuclear war and learn to play (and buy) a real guitar.  And it's easier.  Just think of Guitar Hero as the cool guy's DDR.  It's for people who look at people playing DDR well and think:  "Hm... that looks fun but it also looks so uncool."  And this was the solution to that problem.'

They agreed slightly with what I said.  But still they argued that learning to play a real guitar would be much better in the long term, since you can play with friends or to friends.

Yea, but that's not the point.  Guitar Hero is ultimately still a game, and you're not supposed to think of the long-term in games (well, in games like Guitar Hero anyway).  You're supposed to enjoy the moment when you beat the hardest song, beat the final boss or whatever.  That's what games were made for:  ENTERTAINMENT.

So, my point is that people play Guitar Hero because it's fun.

And with that, they couldn't argue with me.


EDIT#1:  NEW BANNER!  YAY!  Now continue to marvel at my newest banner.  Here it is for people who may be reading in the future (where the banner would be non-existent ):





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