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Monday, 28 January 2008

The day I climbed my own Everest

imageJust before I start the post I would like to say:


Woah, that made me feel old.  And I'm not even old...









Anyway, originally this post was suppose to happen yesterday but you know what they say about intended plans.  I had a really bad headache yesterday which prevented me from doing anything remotely productive.  It was like the pinnacle of bad.  Just imagine a builder jumping into your head through your ear with his big boots tromping all the way into your brain, then imaging said builder had 4 arms: one carrying a chainsaw, one carrying a large pneumatic drill, one carrying a JCB digger and the last hand carrying the most talkative and dreary woman you have ever had the pleasure to met.

Ok, now imagine TWO of the said builder.

Now imagine that it got stuck inside your head and was trying furiously to get out via your temple.

Now you have only just begun to understand my pain.


Ok, moving onto some more joyous things.  Let's talk about last Saturday.  If you recall in my last post, I said that there were plans of going to Pizza Hut and then the cinema.

And things went well... figuratively speaking.

I sent out from my house at the intended time and all was well.  I met up with Gavin & Ashley (Lewis was there too on his bike, but he had to go wash off his funky fish smell).  And we decided to walk the long way to town, ok sure, we've got like 30 mins.  We ended up being late by about 15 minutes.

But no matter, since only 40% of the invited people were here and they didn't order anything.  The next half an hour or so was people catching up on what's been happening to everyone else etc.  The usual, basically.

Eventually we saw the final five walk into WoolWorths (which is opposite Pizza Hut) and most of us were like: 'WTF?' someone thought they had to top-up on their mobile or something.  But I liked to think that, despite living here for the whole of their lives, they were lost.

When everyone was finally there talking started again.  Eventually we did get round to ordering food, Ashley and I ended up sharing a meal for 2.  Since I didn't particularly mind what I was eating.  Gavin got a meal all for his lonesome XD.

Other people ordered different things, yada yada not much happened except eating.  Due to previous escapades into food earlier that day (A BUCKET-LOAD OF SOUP) I wasn't particularly hungry.  But it was a giant Pizza and sides in front of me so I couldn't resist, I ended up eating: one piece of garlic-bread, several pieces of wedges, a slice of Pizza and several glasses of Pepsi.


That's not all!  With our meal (Meal for 2) came free desert.  Ashley opted for Chocolate Fudge cake (despite saying that he was stuffed to the brim and ready to burst) and I, meanwhile, went with good 'ol Ice Cream.

And what a good choice it was.

From what I heard the Choc Fudge Cake wasn't distinctly good, after a few bites Ashley gave it away to the ravenous bunch.

But the Ice Cream was amazing, just because it was free Ice Cream and I had to get my money's worth I filled that tiny bowl as much as I can.  Literally creating an Ice Cream mountain.  Then for the next 15/20 minutes attempt to finish it.

I swore on the River Styx (ok, not really) that I was going to finish it!


I compared it to climbing my own Everest, since I finished it just in time.  Small problem though: For the next hour or so I was so dosed up on sugar that I couldn't stop shaking then after that sugar-rush period I had 'sugar withdrawal' where I felt really tired.

Throughout the time at Pizza Hut there was also an issue with Daisy's card and picture.  Let's just say at the very end of our meal, the picture was on the floor.  And the card... well, the card was stuck to the mirror in the Male toilets with some white, sticky stuff:  SOAP.

I'd also like to make note of something, there were 16 of us.  And we ended up spending: £96.23.  That's approx. £6 each.  Think what you well about that.


Next came the cinema, not all of us went as some went home but it was still a hefty number of people.  Another problem arose, the film we wanted to catch (which ended up to be St. Trinians) started at 6:20 and we arrived at... take a guess... 6:20.  So after lining up for quite some time we rushed inside to find ourselves JUST in time to catch the start of the film.  Not only did we miss the adverts and whatnot be we didn't miss a bit of the film.  Sweet.

After the film we ended up waiting outside McDonalds for some reason where Gavin stood on a bench and felt like a Pirate.  And then I promptly joined him and felt much akin to a Pirate myself.  We had to goad Ashley up so we could be a Pirate trio.  The night ended with me being asked to say "naughty words" in Cantonese.  And me jumping over a fence to reach my mom's car.  Nice.


Some small things from today:

I got my brief back for Media today and guess what was the major issue that was written on it?  Everyone else's work was full of scribbles 'add this', 'evidence that' etc.  Mine?  I'm truly not kidding you:  'WORD COUNT.'

Since the brief is only meant to be around the area of 750 words, but I ended up with about 1,100 words.  But the teacher doesn't know since it was a piece of paper and she wouldn't exactly go and count it.  The lesson today was spent thinking off awesome names for our product, we ended up with these three names:

  • MetaLate
  • Zoonse
  • GET

No joke.  That's how much work we get done in 1 hour 15 mins.

Then there was Computing.  We spent most of that lesson messing with the messaging service that Windows provides (not in Vista, unfortunately).


That about sums up the last few days.  Nothing particularly big... OH WAIT.


Saturday will be remembered for many things, but for me:  It was the day that I ate a gargantuan amount of Ice Cream.

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