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Sunday, 3 February 2008

The Good Times

I picked up the Wiitar yesternight, the first time I played it in quite a while.  And what a come-back it was.

I ploughed through about half of the expert career mode.  Yes, you read correctly:  EXPERT.  Ownage.


Ok, not much to say today.  So I'll just keep things short and simple.


Video.  Watch now.

Some of you may recall me saying something about the above... for the record there was no alcohol or drugs involved... just a lot of boredom. I'm not going to point out whose who in the video... just know that some people you may know (from this blog) may be there... Actually, at the very end you can hear the start of someone laughing. If only the aftermath was filmed, it was legendary.



EDIT#1:  Just for laughs.  Here's a video of Gavin's cartwheel-to-backflip attempt.  Keyword there is:  "attempt".

If you had a sense of humour like me.  You would have ROFLed to death.  Like I did.

If you watch very very closely, about 7/8 seconds in Gavin gets PWN3D by the beach.  Oh yes he does.

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