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Saturday, 23 February 2008

Poker Night/Fancy-Dress B-day

Well, after not hearing from Daisy for over a month, she returns to haunt me again.  This time with news!

First of the news, is a "Poker Night" that's apparently being put on next Saturday.  I'm unsure who's actually going but whatever, should be fun.  Despite the fact that only a few of us genuinely know how to play Poker.  I doubt that we'd end up playing Poker for the whole night, since Poker isn't much fun without betting something.  Like money or chips, for example, I hear people tend to use these two a lot.

But wait!  This is the small news.


Yes, gasp indeed.  You thought it couldn't get any better, could it?

Well, you were wrong.

Apparently Daisy's birthday is in, and I quote:  "about two months".  I'm unsure on the actual date... but with my all-knowing, all-powerful, all-omnipresent brain (I have no idea how that works btw) I predict it's about *uses fingers to count 2 months* April time.  There's no guarantee that it is though, even Super-Brains like mine have a minor lapse of incorrectness sometimes.

BUT WAIT!  That's not all!


Yes, gasp indeed.  You thought it couldn't get any better, right?

Well, you were wrong.  DEADLY WRONG.  MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA << Got carried away

Turns out her and Laura had an idea.  Oh boy.  That's a bad sign.  Very bad sign.  I'm currently nervously checking the window waiting for

four horsemen riding out of the sky casting a wave of destruction everything, but it looks like it's not happening.

Click for full resolution.  Image provided by Wikipedia.

I should also check if hell has frozen over, while I'm there: Anyone want an Ice Cream?

Anyway, all joking aside.  There idea was having fancy-dress, not just any kind of fancy-dress though!  You have to come as something from the 90s.  Daisy proposed the idea of coming as Ash Ketchum (appropriately named... I guess).

Yes, this guy.

It would be pretty easy to, and henceforth save me all the effort.  But I soon thought up something better:


How cool would turning up the party dressed up as a Power Ranger be?  On second thoughts, don't answer that.  Point is, it would be pretty frickin' awesome.  We're talking about season 1 here, the original power rangers not the crappy later spin-offs that suck.  The ones from the first show:  Mighty Morphing Power Rangers.  Pft, who needs "Power Rangers: Jungle Fury" and "Power Rangers: Wild Force" when you're:



Sure, Ninja Storm has ninjas in and "Powers Rangers in Space" was theoretically 'in space' (in other words, they weren't really).  But nothing beats the original power rangers.  Especially since Gavin and Ashley so happily pointed out earlier on that the original red ranger now does porn.  Yes, according to them - who have verified it - RED RANGER DOES PORN.

Still don't believe that the original was the best?


Nuff said.

You want more?  How about a talking robot that serves the giant talking head and says: 'AIE AIE AI-E!' repeatedly in every frickin' episode?  And for the proverbial cherry on top of the proverbial power ranger it's called: Alpha 5.

I am not kidding you.  Anyone who has watched cannot forget Alpha 5, sure the giant talking head (called Zordon btw) was big and talked.  But c'mom!  It's a talking robot that says: "AIE AIE AI-E!"  It was like every little boys dream way back when.

Sure, there were some obvious flaws in the power rangers formula.  Like how the monsters looked pretty fake, and the most obvious one:  Why the hell didn't the power rangers just bring out the frickin Zords whenever a monster appears and squash them into oblivion, instead of doing the thing they normally do:

  • Suit up! - As I like to call it.  It's when they put on the... er... powersuits (?).
  • Back-flip time!   - This is where they backflip to the scene of the disturbance.  It doesn't matter if it's 500 miles away!  One power rangers back-flip takes you there instantly!
  • Engage in combat. - Self explanatory.
  • Start losing. - Take a guess.  No, really.  Take one.
  • Join weapons to make some sort of crude-but-still-pretty-awesome cannon.  - I'm not even going to try being funny.
  • Destroy the monster.  - ...
  • Monster is revived but is now 1000x larger. - Oh noes!  But never fear, for the Zords are here!
  • They bring out the zords. - Obvious.
  • The fight follows same pattern.  Except it's larger and more epic.  - It follows pretty much exactly the same pattern when they were human size.

If they squash the thing it would be extremely easy and when that evil woman (forgot her name) uses the revival potion or whatever she'll just be reviving a pile of goo.  Power Rangers: 1.  Monsters: 0.

But alas, they pay no heed to me.  No matter.  I don't care much for the current Power Rangers anyway.

I digress, I seem to have been side-tracked fairly easily.  Back to the original thought... which was... erm...

The fancy-dress party, yes.  That was it.

After some more talks with Gavin and some research online.  We figured that Power Rangers outfits suck, and so I decided that this would be a good excuse for me to buy a katana/sword.  So, hey why not?  Bringing a large pointy object into a party full of alcohol and drunk people.  What could possibly go wrong?!

Then I figured it would be much easier to dress in all-black and go as a ninja.  And then we can also attempt to "ninja-in" into Daisy's house again.

That's about all I can think about on this subject since I seem to have lost my train of thought when I was derailed by the whole Power Rangers thing.  I'll be sure to keep you updated on the costume situation.

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