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Friday, 29 February 2008

Ashley's Gamer Night

It's funny how life screws with you.  At first, I was going to Daisy's proposed Poker Night but I couldn't go.  But then I went to Ashley's small gathering yesterday (Thursday).  So you wanna know how things went?  Of course you do.

I want to say it went spectacularly.  Unfortunately, I can't really say that.  It was still awesome though!

I arrived there at roughly 9pm.  I'm the latest there, figures, and they already broke out the PS1 (yes you read correctly:  PLAYSTATION ONE) and were playing Tekken.  Sweet.  Time for some sweet retro gaming love.  And that pretty much set the tone for the whole night, retro games from dusk till dawn (well not really dawn, most people were asleep by 1AM).

They also apparently played GH3 earlier but stopped, maybe they knew I was coming and wanted to avoid being schooled by me.  Especially since quite a few had never played Guitar Hero before that day, so I would basically playing Expert against people still playing Easy.  If you want an analogy it'd go something like this:  They'd be messing around a small splash pool, while I attempt to swim across the FRICKIN PACIFIC.  And that's no lie either, Expert difficulty and Easy difficulty is world's apart.  WORLDS.  Ask anyone who plays expert (or has attempted to play expert).  Actually, just a moment ago I owned my sister (who is playing medium rather comfortably) on Helicopters by Bloc Party.  We both played on medium.  Did I full combo the song?  No.  But I got 5 stars if that's some consolation to your aching heart that thinks I'm the world's most awesome Guitar Hero player EVA.  Which I'm obviously not.

Oh and one minor detail you may want to know:  I WAS PLAYING IT BEHIND MY HEAD.


Yes, I 5-stared Helicopter on medium, with the Guitar behind me head.  It hurts my arms like a bitch, but hey, all in the name of ass-whooping.  It's all in a day's work.  Maybe, one day, I may record a video of me 5-staring with the Wiitar behind my head.  One day...

I could probably full-combo (hit every note) most songs -if not all- songs on Easy now.  I've even full-comboed some songs on medium.

Anyway, let's move away from my awesome Guitar Hero skills and focus back onto what happened on the night.  I started the night sat on one of those... er... I'm actually unsure what they're called.  It was basically a piece of the sofa that comes out.  But anyway, I owned a few fights on Tekken while sat on that -mainly because the sofa was already occupied by about 4/5 people.  Eventually, I got to sit down on Ashley's surprisingly comfortable sofa.

Oh wait, remind a bit first.  In about the first 20 minutes of me entering Ashley's amazing bungalow I downed this bottle of vodka (it was equivalent to 2 shots... or something).  And lemme tell ya, that went straight to my head.  I certainly felt that the following morning.  It was funny too, Gavin took a small gulp out of another one of those bottles and decided that downing it would not be the best idea.  Then I picked up the bottle and thought: 'Screw it.'  And the others watched in awe as I chugged the whole bottle down.  LOL

I recall someone exclaiming afterwards that they should have filmed me doing it.  I also recall Ashley checking the alcoholic percentage (?) and it checked in at 40%.

I don't remember much after that.


Not really.

That was just a homage to a "How I Met Your Mother" Episode.  Which... strangely is quite close to what actually happened to the time.

Not really.

Here's the clip I'm talking about:

By the way, "How I Met Your Mother" is an awesome show.  And Barney is easily the most awesome person alive.  LEGEN -wait for it- DARY.

Ok ok, enough with the clips now.  But I just had to do that one.

Anywayz, back to the story.  Now where was I?

Oh yea, I just forcefully busted into the maximum security area of Area 51 and was in the process of hacking into the main computer mainframe when-

Wait.  That's not the right one, is it?  Damn that vodka.  By the way, just forget what I wrote above.  It never happened, capiche?  NEVER.  HAPPENED.


Ok, so I has landed me a sweet seat on Ashley's sofa.  I think it was about this time that we started playing MK (Mortal Kombat) on the PS1.  That sure brought good times... ok, maybe not good times but certainly a lot of: "TOASTY!"s.  The whole house -sorry, my bad- bungalow with forbidden battle cries of yore.  Times sure were simple back in the PS1 days.  *sigh*

After some time, we gave up on trying to mess with the codes on MK and switched to "Hogs Of War" which, may I add, was my first time playing it.  I had heard about it and a friend had recommended it to me saying that the game was good but I had never played it before.  Ok, so first match in:


I had both my guys -sorry my bad- hogs (or pigs) left while I decimated everyone else.  Especially with an intricately placed bazooka shot to the head of Ashley's hog's head.  Which aroused battle cries of "BOOM!  HEAD-SHOT!"...  I think.

We played winner and loser stays on, so I was soon thrust into the second game.  I didn't do so well in this one, simply because everyone decided that I was the major threat (despite excuses of: 'But you're the only guy I can see in range... except for that guy... and that guy...') and so thought it was best to be rid of me as soon as possible.  And so I was the first out.  But no matter, that meant I also played in the next game.  Which, I won btw.  Again.

Something else happened, I'm not sure what.  But it soon reached 11:20, I had planned to go home at about 11:30~ish since I had an early start tomorrow but after some thought that I may as well stay the night and rung my mum up to tell her.  She kind of disagreed at first (yea, she has a tendency to do that) I managed to get my dad on the phone and I explained it to him and his reply went something like this: 'Meh.  Fine.'  I presume at this point my mum was glaring at him pretty badly and he hurriedly added: 'But only this time.'

And so we settled down for a quiet night and ended up watching a movie:  SHAUN OF THE DEAD.

Yes the classic British film, part of the "Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy", the winner of 6 awards and 14 nominations (yes, I used IMDB).  It was the perfect end to the night.

The film finished at about 1:15AM, and only a few of us were still awake.  Gavin, who was previously slept beside me, decided to move his business to Ashley's bedroom so I moved over and had about a half of the sofa to myself.  Just as everyone settled in for the night, there was a:  KNOCK! KNOCK! at the door.  "Who the hell could that be?" I thought.  I couldn't be asked to get the door (even though I was presumably the closest) so I waited until someone opened it.  Turns out it was my mum.  She had defied my dad's initial intentions and came to pick me up.  Ah well, it didn't make much difference to me.  It was probably a better idea since I had more time to catch up with my sleep the following morning (Ashley's house is no where near college - it's practically in another town).  So I went home and slept on my own bed.  I had never knew my bed was so comfortable, LOL.  The last time I felt like this was the night of Kate's party - which I passed out in among other things...

The following morning, my head hurt like hell.  I had trouble thinking like I was in some weird severed state of inebriation, it didn't stop me from editing our media advert though.  Media was soon over, and I got my staggering self home presumably for some sleep.  Which I didn't do.

That's pretty wraps up what happened.  I'm not sure if I missed anything, but hey - my memory ain't perfect.  So, deal.


Have any of you guys heard of a certain movie that's slated to come out this year (2008)?  I believe it was called...


I can hear the collective groan of millions of people worldwide when I said that.  Another comic book-movie.  I hear you say.  Well, if the trailer's anything to go by the movie's gonna be FRICKIN EPIC.  Take a look yourselves.

Remember though, take this with a pinch of salt. Since all movie trailers depict the movie in a good light, it's the whole purpose of a trailer.

Although this is another movie on my movie-radar this year.  Keep an eye out for this beast that will hit cinemas May 2nd this year.


EDIT#1:  I was browsing around the internet and found this, I think you'd enjoy it:

Before you "WTF?!" me, it's Zelda dude.  And yes, the guy playing Link is actually a woman.  I guess times were confusing back then, and sexual orientation was more open... or something.  Oh and no, this is not an advert for Zelda DDR, no matter what the ad looks like (although that would be frickin awesome) it's actually for the one on the Famicon (or SNES, for us).

By the way, Nintendo, if you're reading this I expect at least 30% of the profits if Zelda DDR comes into production.  It's negotiable, but about 30% would be nice.


Well, that's about all I wanted to show you.  Now, where the hell can I get that song...

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