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Wednesday, 27 February 2008


So, get this.  If you haven't heard about it already, there was an earthquake last night (at roughly 1AM).  Loads of people missed it since they were sleeping, but I was awake at the time (surprise) and stood in my corridor.

And for my first time experiencing an earthquake, I gotta say, I'm impressed.

At first there was a sort of low rumbling sound, then it got louder pretty quickly and pretty soon the whole house shook.  This lasted only just a few seconds, but it was still awesome.  I'm glad I didn't miss that.  Sure, if it was higher up on the Richter Scale (it was reportedly a 5.2) then there would undoubtedly be trouble.  Since the UK seems as prepared for natural disasters/conditions as a crab is prepared to break the fall of a large boulder.

Seriously, I recall there been about a half foot of snow a few years back.  That half foot of snow stopped ALL THE TRAINS IN ENGLAND.  I mean, WTF?  Ok, sure maybe not ALL the trains.  But you get my point.  Countries like Russia and whatever receive, annually, several feet of snow and there like: 'Meh.  'Tis only snow.'  And carry on with normal life.  Over here we scream and run around in circles exclaiming: 'SNOW SNOW GLORIOUS SNOW!'  Then it all melts away into slush.

Ok, I seem to have gone off-topic again.  Basically, we had an earthquake here.  I was awake and got to experience the awesomeness of it.  The end.

(NOTE:  I'm not saying Earthquakes are "good" since they kill lots of people every year - I think - I'm just saying that I enjoyed my experience with it and it wasn't that bad.)


In other news, some stuff popped up.  So I won't be able to go to the proposed Poker Night on Saturday.  :(

It sucks.  Although, if it's any consolation to myself, Ashley's having a small gathering Thursday night - which I can go to.  It's a real pain about this Saturday thing, since it's weekly.  So I'm booked up every Saturday after 5PM!  *sigh*

I guess they'll have to deal without my awesome guidance.  And yes, it means no coverage of the comical antics that will no doubt take place - unless Gavin decides to do it (yes, he is still an author... like Kate...).  If only they change the day to Friday or something.  Nevermind though, I guess they can look on the bright-side.  It means less beat-downs for them at Poker.

The others, that I'm aware of, seemed to be practicing quite hard for the night as well.  I was told that they were scared to play me, since I'm apparently "good at everything".  Now, I don't exactly deny that but it's a slight overstatement.  I can think of plenty of things that I'm not good at like... er... hm... brain surgery.  Yea, I suck at that.  Even though I've never done it before, but that's besides the point, even if I did do it I think I would suck.


Oh and just something funny I found messing around in Google.  Type in "the answer to life, the universe and everything" and press search.


(NOTE:  You will only get it if you have watched/read Hitchhikers guide the galaxy)


Videos time!

You think you're good at Guitar Hero?  Think again!

Next up is actually a flash animation!



It's kinda recommended that you watch the first one here.


Here's the second one:


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