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Saturday, 9 February 2008

Being a Hero(es 2)

I got Medal Of Honor: Heroes 2 last Thursday and I've made it through roughly 80% of the of the single-player campaign and a tiny portion of the arcade campaign (which is basically on-rails shooting).  Some gripes I've had about the game:

  • AI SUCKS (and I mean SUCKS)  - Seriously, I could run right into the face of one of the enemies and they'd be like:  'WTF?  Where is that guy...'  Normally, at this point, I would have pistol-whipped him for his stupidity.
  • Campaign is nothing special.  - It's typical WWII oh-my-god-we-must-shoot-Nazis-in-the-face-to-win action.  In this respect, it brings practically nothing new to the table.
  • No local multiplayer.  - Seriously, WTF.  Why is local multiplayer/co-op being left out of games now?!  It makes no sense to me.  Do developers think that gamers have no real friends that come round to their house anymore?  That's absurd!  Not even the Arcade mode has any sort of co-op play.  Even though it wouldn't have been terribly hard to implement.  I'm very disappointed, to say the least.
  • Arcade is fun distraction, but not that good.  - Compared to the likes of RE: UC the arcade mode just seems to fall short.  Sure, it's only part of the game but it just lacks a certain polish, oh and btw:  The AI still kinda sucks in this mode.
  • No VoIP.  - This isn't really EA's fault but Nintendo really has got to get it's act together and get some sort of voice chat to it's online service.  We're left with this crappy, pre-set messages that consist of the following: Need back-up, Affirmative, Negative, Enemy Spotted, Move out, Retreat, Hold Position; and maybe a few more.  Basically, it's seriously limited communication and it's a pain to pull up these messages in the first place!  Frankly, the entertainment value of an online game like Heroes 2 is multiplied exponentially when you can trash-talk at your foes while you throw the beat-down on them.  Nothing beats that.

Now for the things I felt were good:

  • Online play is genuinely fun.  - Even without the voice chat there is a lot of fun to be had online.  I guess no voice chat means no 12-year-old kids randomly shouting into your ear.
  • No lag.  - In my whole time playing online I've encountered no lag at all.  None at all!  Even when there are about 25 people running about (I've yet to be in a match that has 32 people in).  That's pretty amazing.  Kudos to EA on this.  And connecting to servers and games is quick and easy.  I timed how long it took for me to get into the lobby from clicking multiplayer on the main menu, it clocked in at 15 seconds.  That's pretty damn fast.
  • Arcade mode.  - Wait, how can arcade mode be in what I think is both good and bad?  Well, the fact that Arcade mode doesn't need to be in the game but is anyway.  At least EA are trying to attract some casual players.
  • Controls.  - The controls are impressive.  I found my mind wrestling the fact that the controls were better than MP3:C and with the inclusion of changing the size of the "dead zone" the controls are superior.  Motion control is also implemented very well, it's not over-used and is very satisfying when it's in the game.  Pumping the shotgun makes me feel awesome everytime.
  • Fast and fun gameplay.  - The fact that you're able to jump into games very quickly means that gameplay never seems slow.  Sure, for some people if you want to take it slow you can.  Like perch atop one of the towers in the monastery map and just snipe dudes slowly (watch out for someone coming up the stairs with a bazooka though).  But for me, there's only one way to go.  SHOTGUN.  I just run in blindly and blast those dudes in the face like there's no tomorrow.

That's my pros and cons list for this game.  And I'm rather pleased.  Don't be mistaken, it is a fun game.  But there's plenty of room for improvement.


In other news, we decided to have a reshuffling of seats in our Maths class.  Our table now has a grand total of 5 people (which fluctuates slightly because people occasional move about) compared to the 3 before.  Talking has sped up this way too.  There's a no-end to the chatter nowdays it seems.  Especially since Kiddle (not a nickname btw, it's actually his last name) got his Tamogotchi VERSION 5.  *gasp*


I recently managed to get VB6 on my computer (finally) through some dodge dealing about this website... but nevermind about that.  I've been messing about with some stuff and I thought I'd share with you what I've made so far.  I've made a Stop-watch which functions just like a stop-watch so you won't need any sort of demo.  The following two however I thought you'd be interested in a video:


That's about the gist of projects I've done.  I'm starting to touch on some pretty advance coding now and I'm actually quite enjoying programming.

Oh and by the way, the media player thing was not something I learned at college.  It was all self-taught... with a little help from the internet.

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