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Tuesday, 18 December 2007

It's that time of year again...

It's that time of year again where your life is supposed to be full of festive cheer.  And on this blog, it's no different!

It's the blog's first Christmas and I'll be the first to say: 'Merry Christmas' with a cherry on top.

Ah... I can't believe it's Xmas already.  How long has it been since I started this blog?  Lemme check my records...

Holy mc*beep* on a *beep* with a sandwich on top.

According to blogger my first blog post was on 01/05/07 (1st May 2007).  That's a whole... *brain working* 7 months 16 days ago!  w00t!  So, let's see the all important 1st post:

Ok, so after being encouraged by my friends to start a blog - names not included, you know who you are *cough* Gavin & Ashley *end cough* - heres the blog...
Ok, so it needs a little work but geez give me a break; I've only just started blogging.
Right, firstly... erm.... *attempts to think of something funny* heres one - A rabbi, a priest and a monk... ok, actually thats not that funny. Hm... dammit Gavin & Ashley, what was the point of this blog?
Anyway, a little about me:

  • I'm currently 15, birthday soon (mental note - yea!)
  • GCSEs are around the corner (mental note - boo)
  • Drama exam is in two days time (damn... we haven't even finished yet - I blame this on Daisy with her holiday; don't worry if you don't know who she is. Just count yourself lucky)
Well, I have a Wii (yea, Wii FTWZOMGMOO - thats for you Ashley) and if yours is connected online then you can add me:

8879 6062 9250 0429

Currently I have one added Wii (Lewis ☺) but should be getting two more online soon. It's also funny because I originally had two people in the Mii Plaza - Lewis & Gavin - but I... kinda... accidentally deleted Gavin... so Lewis is walking all alone in the Mii Plaza, almost makes me pity him, almost.
So, anyway, thats about it for my first blog. Not much to say, send in your comments and ideas of what I should talk about in my next one and I'll try to oblige.


For a first post I didn't have much to say did I?  Granted I had a lot on my mind back then (but nowhere as much as I do now) especially with the Drama exam coming up which someone almost (well... practically did) f*cked us up for by prancing off on a holiday break.  *e-glare*

Anyway, enough dwelling on the past.  And reviving old hated things.

All you need to know is that I've been keeping things chugging along here for over 7 months!  This is the first non-compulsory thing I have properly committed to for over quite a long span of time.  Hooray for that!

And during those few agonizingly crazy months I have managed to post... what for it... what for it...


That's a helluva lot of posts.  Including this current post, I've done 278 posts!  Just wait a few seconds while I pride myself over this ridiculously large amount...


Ok.  Done.

Anyway, enough talking about my unrivaled awesomeness (if we didn't stop I could keep on talking to the end of time).  And talk about more recent events.


For the last two consecutive days in a row I played badminton.  Which, in hindsight, wasn't a very good idea.  Firstly, on Sunday:  I sucked at it.  It's been months since I last played and my fitness level's had dropped considerably.  I did much better today though and I'm getting back to grips with the whole: 'swing racket.  Hit shuttle.' thing.  I can still smash pretty well that's probably because of my triceps being in pretty good shape.

During the two different days I played with different groups of people and two very distinct play-styles.  On Sunday, I played against my uncle and friends who rely on technique more than anything.  And for someone who hasn't played in a while this was a major pain in the ass.  Today, however we played some friends who focused more on power and smashing rather than hitting the sweet spot on the court.  I fit in rather nicely here, since I can smash pretty damn good.  No, seriously ask anyone whose played a racket-type sport with me.  I recall a tennis game where I thought it'd be funny to try and see how many times I could hit my opponent with the ball.  I think, in the end, I managed to hit him about 5 times.  What I do remember for a fact though is that I hit him smack bang in the balls.  Ouch.  Anyway, I digress.  Today's group also happened to include Chun who also goes to the same college as me.  I'm sure he's already finished Uni but going back to college to get some extra qualifications (hey, don't ask me.).

Anyhow, my whole body is killing me now.  And before I collapse to exhaustion just thinking about badminton again I think I should move on.


In the last few days I've watched a few films as well.  Well, one of them wasn't really a film.  The first one is 'Shrek the Halls.'  Which as you can guess is based around the fictional world of Shrek, Puss and donkey (Eddie Murphy = awesome).  It's a entertaining film/episode; whatever you want to call it.

Shrek the halls with puss and donkey, fa la la la la ~ la-la-la-la.


The next film on the agenda is: 'Superbad'  my friends had already urged me to watch this but I previously didn't have the time of (and didn't think of) watching it until I had nothing much to do today.  And I gotta say it's frickin' hilarious!  If you enjoyed American Pie, chances are you'd enjoy this film.  And I seriously think it's in contention to be Best Comedy of 2007.  Sure, it's not exactly a family film what with all the cursing and the repeated references to heterosexual fornication (despite the severe lack of any in the film.  Hell, the nudity dial was dialled right down too).  But it was entertaining, I especially enjoyed the supplementary arc that subtends to main one with Fogle (aka Mclovin) and the two cops.  It produced some priceless moments.

This film, my friends, is another reason I totally want to make a movie.


One word:  Tampon.





Also, I finally got my hair cut.  *gasp*  Shock!  Horror!  Shock!  Horror!  Repeat.


Anyway, for some inexplicable reason my mom doesn't like my hair long.  I have no idea why, but hey whatever.  Anyway, she had been nagging me for a quite a while now to get my hair cut; but I had put it off repeatedly because I just generally couldn't be asked at the time.  That is, until she cornered me the other day...

So, now my hairstyle has turned out like this:


Looks, kinda average doesn't it?

Definitely a far-cry from what I had a certain night...  but nevermind.  I've never really been into trivial stuff like hair.  I've never really had the patience or time to do anything with mine.  When I wake up it pretty much stays like that for the rest of the day.


Procrastination FTW!

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