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Thursday, 22 November 2007

How maths should be like every-time. FOOL!

Today was one of the most awesome (college-wise) days I've had in a while now.  Computing in the morning was adequate, as I spent of the first half (with Brian) surfing the internet.  It's because I now sit at the far corner of the room, so unless he wants to check on me especially he can't see my screen.  Sweet.  Why was I moved there?  Long story; and long story short:  Don't say it.  Let's just say I'm a pretty bad influence on people...

The second half of the lesson (with Darren - or Daz as he likes to be called) was different.  Since he teaches programming which I actually enjoy (been doing arrays lately), and he uses this "LanSchool" thing that enables him to see all our screens and block access and stuff.  Not cool.  Especially when he forgets that we still have our screens blocked.  Although funny situations do come about from it, one time he accidentally blocked ALL THE COMPUTERS IN THE COLLEGE.  Which, I don't think I need to point out, is FRICKIN AWESOME.  And that's just one of the times, another time he broke a computer by using that.  Since it wouldn't unfreeze the computer.

Then there was maths.  It was pure maths (C2) and it was more talk than anything.  Yvonne (not of the Yukon) left the room for a bit and Rob proclaimed another of "Mr Quadratic's Adventures", all because of one little Greek letter.

For all you none-Greek alphabet knowers... if that made any sense... that letter is what we call: 'Theta.'

Now, what does it look like?  An oddly shaped egg?  Yes, but think deeper... and more video game/cartoon terms.

Yes, Rob made it into a pokeball.  Those little things to catch wild pokemon with.  Apparently, Mr Quadratic found it while traveling through a forest... and he managed to catch the three bird-like things.

This prompted a large discussion about what the three was.  We could remember that there was a lightning one, a fire one and an ice one.  Zapdos was the easiest to remember, and Moltres came next (lightning and fire, respectively).  But we were really stumped with that ice bird.  Upon further investigation by the amazing detective that is me, I have found that last piece of the puzzle to be: 'Articuno.'  Woot.

The Wikipedia article also told be something very interesting,  apparently:

'An interesting point of the three is that the last syllable of each of their names forms the sound of the Spanish counting numbers uno, dos, and tres.'

Coincidence?  Probably.  Awesome?  Meh... so so.


The final lesson (which was also maths, DAMN YOU FURTHER MATHS.  DAMN YOU TO HELL!) was actually fun.  First we did some statistics stuff (S1) but that's not even noteworthy.  Although Richard, Yuan and I managed to find out the formula before everyone else (who were all still trying to work it out for themselves) with a little initiative on my part.  Yes, I looked in the book.  I'm surprised no one thought of that.

Since we're men, except Yuan that is, we tried to pass it off as our idea.  And said we did it all.  Yea... didn't turn out quite well.  We were kinda stupid and it showed, since we hadn't done the annotations for the specific letters in the formula.  Sh*t.  It was worth a try though.

But that's not why the lesson was fun.  The lesson was fun because we got to:


Ok, maybe I made up the finger paint part.  But it was still awesome.  We were actually finishing the posters we started last week but I totally forgot to tell you guys that.  Nevermind.  Let's just put it this way, we were given an A3 piece of paper and we had to answer a maths question while UNLEASHING ALL OUR CREATIVITY ON THE THING.  Needless to say I did origami.  And I actually used something we learnt back in Secondary school.

I made a frustum.  The thing in the picture.  It didn't look exactly like the picture, since mine had a triangular base and it was a million times more awesome.  I think I should point out now that if you make 20 of those triangular frustums and have a ton of glue or sticky tape then you can MAKE A BALL.  How awesome is that?  And yes, that is what we actually learnt back in a maths lesson way back when.

Talk about awesome.




Not only that but I also made a Paper Shruiken (or Ninja star) which Gavin showed me the video for on YT.  *After several attempts to find the post which I posted the video in... I give up.*  Not even Google could help me.  Oh dear god, what has the internet become?!

Anyway, it was cool as we were flinging it about the room.  Richard tried to hit Rob, missed by miles it almost went out the window too.  Then I through it and it HIT RICHARD IN THE FACE.  Ouch!  PWN3D!  Granted, I was about a foot away from him.  But that doesn't matter.  I HIT HIM IN THE FACE WITH A PAPER SHRUIKEN!  OWN3D B*TCH!

But then he decided to throw a shruiken back at me when I was most vulnerable.  I was bent over the table and drawing something on the A3 piece of paper... and he threw it in my face... also from about a foot away.  Now, that's just unfair!  He had eye protection in the form of glasses!  Me?  I had nothing!

I like how I condemn other people's acts, even though I did them too.  :P

Anyway, our master-piece of awesome creative vision is now up on the wall of Room 60 of Franklin college.  Check it out.  You can't miss it, it's the only one with a frustum that says: 'OPEN ME' at the front.  And when you open it out it says: 'MATHS RULES!  LOL'  lmao, also one of my works.  It's also the one half-clinging to the wall for dear life.  Since they ran out of room on the board, I actually made sure our work covered quite a few other posters too.  :P


FOOL!  Now, where's that from?  I'll give you one guess and if that's not right I'm predicting pain...

Yes, it's the almighty Mr. T or B.A. (Bad-Ass) Baracus from the A-Team or maybe that boxer from Rocky ('I pity the fool!'.  However you know him though, I think you'll agree that he is awesome.  Picture below.

The famous quote.

 The only people (that I can think of; off the top of my head) that beats him in the awesome category are: Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee... and maybe Jesus (debatable).

Why am I talking about Mr. T?  *Brings on Mr. T accent*  I'll tell you why, FOOL!  It's cos Mr T is in a new ad.  Not that snickers one, FOOL!  This is ad actually brings out the awesome side of me, FOOL!

He is also one of the only people I know that refers to himself in the third person.  Pure awesomeness.

Without further ado, here's the awesome ad.  Courtesy of YT.

Just another reason why Mr. T should be in everything.*



*Yes, I understand it's World Of Warcraft.  I don't particularly like or have anything against WoW.  But if you are one of the people who harbour an unsustainable burning desire to snap every WoW game ever existed (maybe it slept with your girlfriend?) than you've got to push those things aside.  IT'S MR. T.  FOOL!

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