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Wednesday, 7 November 2007


Yes, I've decided to include another Super Special Awesome feature to this already awesome-feature laden blog.  That feature is...  *drum-roll please*



And for the proverbial icing on the kick-ass cake:  YOU CAN NOW CHAT DIRECTLY TO ME.

Whether that is anonymously or with your Windows Live ID.  Pretty nifty, right?  Obviously, this feature only works when I'm online which I'm not 100% of the time (since I have other commitments that include:  College, work, sleep among other things).

But now you can have a 1:1 chat with me.  Anytime!  (that I'm on...)  STRAIGHT FROM THE BROWSER.

If Gavin wills it so, he can add one like that.  Maybe even Kate too!  Unfortunately I do not have the power (or privileges to do that for them.  Since I need there Windows Live ID passwords and everything...).

Anyway, enjoy this awesome feature!

Oh and there's also this word validation thing that you need to do before you can actually initiate a chat (to stop bots randomly talking to me online.  Which would be a pain in the A double-S hole).  It's no biggy.

Btw, the Surrealism Generator thing has been removed and this has been moved into it's place.  Yea... I got bored off it.


Remember those media music videos (if you have no idea what I'm on about: CLICK HERE) well today Ben (that's my media teacher) decided to show them off to the whole frickin' class.

No joke.

I wasn't too worried since I'm not specifically the one making an ass out of myself in the video (which can already be found on YT) so all was well.  Jamie didn't look too bothered either which was good.

But then... something happened.

For some inexplicably-evil reason we ended up watching another group's videos.  What happened?

Conspiracy?!  ... Nah, it just took longer than we expected to download the videos onto the disk (since they tried doing it all FULLSCREEN FOR EVERY GROUP).  So, we're watching it next media lesson.  Friday.

Funnily enough the first music video we saw had the same song as we did.  And they did a less than mediocre job doing it.  The camera-work was relatively satisfactory (could have been better) but the casting was pathetic.

Seriously though.  Yea sure; the girl pretty much had no shame in dancing in public and generally looking like a douchebag walking around college 'lip-syncing' into a microphone.


She made didn't even make an effort to make it look like she was making an effort... or something.  She could tell that she looked like an idiot too, since she seemed very nervous about the people that were walking up and down the corridor.  Needless to say she gained some unfriendly (and downright dirty) looks from passers-by.

Enough about that horrendous excuse for a music video though.

I recall there being other music videos (and some were actually above average - which is pretty much equivalent to: AWESOME in Franklin media).  There was a hilarious video were this guy spent most of the video humping a giant blow-up Spiderman doll -that, frankly, looked nothing like Spiderman at all.  Another video included repeating the SAME BLOODY SEQUENCES OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN.  We get the idea already!  And this carried on for about 4 minutes (in which case most people in the class had already succumb to an untimely fate).

Needless to say, our video will blow away all the competition.  Don't believe me?


Yea, me neither.  See how modest I am?


In other news... well, there's not much other news.

So, on the bombshell.  Good-night.*

See you next time.

P.S. Time will stop in Britain in 9 days...

*The line was ruled out because I'm sure Jeremy Clarkson (from Top Gear) has already copyrighted it... and besides, why would I want to talk type like a beer-bellied man in the middle of a public mid-life crisis?  Nevertheless, he's still awesome.  For driving that small car, if not anything.

Oh wait, my bad.  On further inspection of the abhorrently long and link-filled article.  It's DOCTOR Jeremy Clarkson... WTF?  I sure won't want him to operate on me...

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