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Thursday, 29 November 2007


I'm delaying posting for today seeing as:

  1. I cba.
  2. Things are getting a little hectic in my real life.  Yes, I have one of those too.  I have two exams coming up next week.
  3. I'm getting my new laptop tomorrow...  hopefully.  So I may do something about that tomorrow.
  4. Not much has happened.  Well, that's not right.  A bunch of stuff has happened but most of them trivial and not really worth mentioning.
  5. I cba.

Well, there you have it.

So, watch this space.  And until my next post you can attempt to guess what laptop I'm getting!

I'll give you one hint:  DELL.


Yes, you heard it right: DELL.

Brings me back to my school days...










UPDATE#1:  Seeing as it would probably be quite easy to guess for some of you tech-savvy people, I thought I'd add something else.  But first, let me ask you this:


No?  Then your missing out.  On what?  I have no idea, but hey.  It's got the word monkey in so it's bound to be good.*

So take a read and find out about the Monkeysphere.


Despite it's ridiculous, laughable name; it makes more sense than you think.  Trust me.  Don't be fooled.

Yaargh!  He'd be right, ya know!


*When I say this it doesn't include stuff that has the following words:  Rabies, disease, HIV, AIDS, killing, homicide, genocide, penis, "getting it on", "making love", "making sweet monkey love", "millions are dying from a zombie monkey out-break", mind-control, evil-genius, uber-smart.  And so on and so forth.

UPDATE#1:  Ok, here's the deal:  Some sh*t happened.

Oh yes, sh*t always happens.  You say.  Well, tough luck.  Because it's true.  Due to some error from the package-sending agency (or whatever they're called nowadays), I have yet to receive my laptop!


And since they don't send on Saturdays and Sundays; I won't be getting it UNTIL MONDAY.  I know, how sucky is that.  I thought I could use the weekend to get to know my laptop but no!  The corporate mailing companies had to take that away from me.  Those b*stards.

So, since I'm mourning the not-yet-arrival of my new piece of high-tech-spec machinery.  I'm delaying this post.

:P  Yes, I can do that.

... And if my laptop doesn't arrive Monday... some dude is going to get a pummelling.

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