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Saturday, 24 November 2007

Legends of ROCK

Yesterday, I went to town with Gavin and Ashley (like we do most Fridays) it was really a time to say farewell to Ashley since he's going on holiday to Orlando... damn.

Anyway, we were walking around and I remembered that Friday 23rd was the release date of GH3.  So, we stopped off at GAME first (since it was the closest) and they said they had none left, all of those were already preordered.  F*ck.

So, I gave up and we didn't even try GameStation.  Then we happened to be in HMV and there it was, sat on the highest shelf.  Guitar Hero 3:  Legends of Rock.  For £55.  I happened to have the money on me at that time so it was an impulse buy.  Needless to say, Gavin & Ashley were green with envy.

I ditched the HMV bag, since it didn't hold the giant box anyway and everything just kept getting better.  I also smacked up a theory whereas holding the box gave me (or anyone else who was holding it) instant recognition.  No seriously, everyone was looking at the box.  Probably wondering what the hell it was but it was still awesome.  Gavin & Ashley also had turns to hold 'the box.'  They also felt the fame it bought with it.

Anyway, joking aside.  I plugged it in yesterday and have been rocking out pretty much non-stop.  I still suck though.  I completed easy yesterday with relative ease, and last night I've moved onto medium.  I'm actually very surprised about the sequences I pull of in the game.  Even on Easy Mode (which only utilizes 3 buttons) some of the latter songs are still difficult.  *cough*  Through the fire and flames */cough*.  But in actual fact compared to the other difficulties it is easy, once you hit medium; easy is well... easy.

Guitar hero has always been notorious about it's difficulty.  Some of the songs are insane in hard and expert mode.

Time for pictures!  ... Webcam pictures again.  I should really get a new camera...


With Stickers too!


Looks good, right?  The Wiimote is not in since I took it out and couldn't be asked to put it in for the photos.  Still, an awesome Wiitar!


Small problem though, since I want to be able to play 2 player (trouncing your siblings is always fun).  But the only way to do that is to buy the package again!  That's very sly and very clever.  That way you either buy two packages (which is over £100!) or you can wait... damn.  Although it probably would have been better if they released a separate guitar before Xmas.  *sigh*

Anyway, that's about it for today.  I'm going to continue to rock through the weekend (as if I didn't already) and I hope you lot enjoy your weekend too.

Oh and Ashley, if you're reading, I expect an awesome souvenir.  And I mean awesome.

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