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Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Dragons and Tigers and parodies. Oh my!

I saw two films on Sunday. *ahem* Legally, of course. Yes, legally.

Anyway, I saw "Good Luck Chuck" about this guy who got hexed are something. But basically it's just an excuse to get a bunch of hot women to undress.

Then I saw "Dragon Tiger Gate" a Hong Kong martial arts flick based off a comic. It's so bad-ass that the subs had one dude called: 'Turbo.' Yes, I know how you feel. But that didn't matter to me since I could understand them without the subs (hooray for knowing Cantonese - a dialect used mainly in HK of Chinese). So awesome. And by the way, the name sounds so much cooler in Chinese. And I mean much cooler.

Here are two promo pics for each film.

Now, guess which film I enjoyed more?

Not sure, yet? I thought you knew better.

Fine, here's some clips of the film:


By the way, in the second video (for Dragon Tiger Gate): You see the punching bag near the end of the video? Yes? Well, that is the WORLD'S LARGEST PUNCHING BAG (according to Guinness Book of World Records). Talk about awesomeness. And oh, that's not the only fight in the movie. But I should note that it's a huge spoiler.

Now can you guess which film I enjoyed more?

Answer as follows (highlight): 'Good Luck Chuck'




Nah, I was only joking. Dragon Tiger Gate was the most awesome by miles. Sure, Good Luck Chuck provided some laughs but nothing beats a good ol' beat-em-up. Especially if it's a HK martial arts flick.

Let me reiterate: If you have to watch a movie out of the two above, watch:

Dragon Tiger Gate


And what about parodies? I hear you say. Well, I came across a delightful little parody of a song you may have heard before. I'll just shut up now and let you watch:

Because I'm totally awesome and numerous people agree. I'll post the lyrics too, in snazzy GREEN font *gasp*:

Hey there, Delilah, what's it like to have big titties?
Everytime I fuck your asshole, I imagine Conway Twitty, yes I do.
I fantasize that you're a dude...
One who's tattooed.

Hey there, Delilah, don't you worry about my dicklessness.
I'm just an emo fag,
I'd fuck your younger brother shitless.
Yes I would.
I jack off to "Boys in the Hood."
I yank it good.

Oh, it's what dudes do to me - Oh it's what dudes do to me
Oh, it's what dudes do to me - Oh it's what dudes do to me.
What dudes do to me.

Hey there, Delilah, my Tom Jones is gettin' hard.
Just two more beers, and I'll work up the nerve to go down on that tard;
I'll take it all.
I'll ride his tard junk, balls and all.
Unhinge my jaw.

Hey there, Delilah, I'm not sayin' that I'm gay,
but if you put a cock in front of me, I'd rub it on my face - I'd grab the shaft...
And slowly work it up my ass.
Then hunch it fast.

Oh, it's what dudes do to me - Oh it's what dudes do to me
Oh, it's what dudes do to me - Oh it's what dudes do to me.

A thousand goths and one cigar - I know that dream sounds so bizarre.
I cut myself to make it go away.
Our friends would all make fun of us, but fuck those bitchass douchebag cunts.
They'll pay their debts in blood this very day...
Delilah, I can promise you that once I prove that you're a Jew,
I'll baptize all your family in flame... and you're to blame.

Hey there, Delilah, don't you worry about protection.
You have all the cops you want, I'll still add you to my collection - yes I will.
Your shrieks of pain will be so shrill.
Half of you will end up in a land fill.
I'll wear your skin - call myself Jill.
It will be ill.

Oh, it's what dudes do to me - Oh it's what dudes do to me
Oh, it's what dudes do to me - Oh it's what dudes do to me
What dudes do to me

I think you gotta agree it's pretty awesome as well. The singing could be better. But the lyrics seem to be very imaginative. And funny, don't forget funny.


GH3 rawks.

EDIT#1: Apparently the parody video was taken off Dailymotion so I've uploaded the MySpace TV version.

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