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Monday, 5 November 2007

Media Music Video ~ UPDATED

Yes indeedy.  I have obtained the music video we made for our (extremely short) media project.  As I type it is being uploaded to the ever-growing Youtube.  Now, I play the waiting game...


Ah screw it.  I'll just continue typing random things until it's done...

11 days till Super Mario Galaxy!  ZOMG! MONKEY NINJAS!  Moo...  *yawn*

Yay!  It's done!  Took it's frickin' time.

Enjoy the video in all it's pristine glory.  That is, before it gets taken off YT for copyright infringement...  Damn those copyright things!  DAMN THEM TO HELL!  And beyond.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the video.

NOTE:  I'd like to reiterate that we DID NOT choose the song.  Blame it on Jamie.  He just had to choose 3.  Lucky number my ass.


Just so happened I went to Tesco today.  Not that long ago, in fact.  I'm not sure why I went.  Seeing as I had nothing in particular I needed to buy...  I coaxed into going and was used for MANUAL LABOUR.  Oh dear god.  When will I ever learn.

All I got out of it was a clock (whoopity doo.  A clock.  I'm so ecstatic).  And a bunch of junk food (which tastes good).2007115221714

Above:  The clock.  Sorry.  No picture of junk food, since I ate it all...


BONFIRE It also happens to be Bonfire Night today.  I'm sure I blogged about it not long ago...  Remember Remember the 5th of November...  I pretty much said all I needed to say in that post.

But now, for some irony.  Who doesn't like irony?  Don't answer that, it was a rhetorical question.

Anyway, today has actually been relatively quiet compared to the last two nights.  Yesterday there were some fireworks going off in the DAYTIME.  WTF?!  That's stupid, nevermind morally wrong (and I'm pretty sure it's against some government mandate law or something).  But now, I stick my head out the window...


Not even a dog barking.  I think somehow adjusted their clocks too far.  Seriously though, there is nothing go off right now (that I can hear anyway).  That's Bonfire Night gone up in smoke (see what I did there?).


Also, I may have a little surprise in-store... check back later tonight (or maybe tomorrow).  There's no guarantee as I just f*cked it up right now.  The browser konked out on me and now I've got to do it all again from the beginning.  DAMMIT!

Good night.

You better believe it.

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