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Thursday, 15 November 2007

Maths Mock

As you may or may not know, probably not know, I had a maths mock exam today.  For the C1 module (Core 1).

For normal maths students, they wouldn't have to be worrying about C1 exams now they've got quite a few months yet.  But for us 1337 Further Maths students, we have 3, count it, 3 exams!  Two of them are IN THE SAME DAY.  How sucky is that?!

But anyway, if today's test caliber was anything to go by, the C1 paper is going to be a breeze.  I probably could have done it with both hands tied to my back, while my half of my brain thinks of food.  Which did happen... the thinking food part, not the hands tied part.

I finished the test about 15 minutes early.  You must be pretty astonished that it took me so long, right?  Because I normally finish tests with oodles of time to spare, I believe the last test I took I finished with 30 mins left.  There's a perfectly good reason for my slow finish:

The first 7 odd questions were easy, I plowed through it like Chuck Norris on steroids (not that he needs them, it's just to exaggerate my point) plowing through ninjas.  Then I reached the 8th and final question, it was like a face-off.  A cowboy quick-draw contest.  I reacted quickly and moved through pretty smoothly.  That question alone took up 2 sides of pure mathematical algebra and jargon.

I reached the final part of the final question (which was part IV, I believe) and I was working through and then this happened:

For this exercise we will have to dive deep within my mental consciousness...

Haha, this test is piss easy.  Now all I need to do is the final question...  dadadda dedededee *hums*... Hm... What should I have for dinner tonight...


Wait a sec.  This doesn't work out... that line touches that... and that line's gradient equals theta... the mathematical margin of error equals penguin... yada yada...



Yes, what happened was I managed to get the first part WRONG.  So I had to CROSS OUT TWO PAGES OF WORK then redo the whole bloody last question!  OMFG.  Pain.

This cost me about 20 odd minutes, that question it a real pain in the a-hole.


But having said that, this being the first test I've had since my GCSEs. It's really put things into perspective for me.

In retrospect, it was about 5 months (6 months tops) since I had my last glorious day at my secondary school.  And yes, I did go out in a blaze of glory.  Hell, it wasn't so much a blaze of glory as: 'A GIANT MUTHA-F*CKING FIREBALL OF DOOM!!!11'  If you catch my drift.  I went out in awesome style, 16 and a half GCSEs.  13 and a half As, what more could you ask for?


Well, a car and a laptop would be nice.

Anyway, it's been close to half a year since I was still slaving away under the hideously contrived UK education policy of compulsory study (which they are thinking of raising to 18!) but now, all that has changed.  I feel free.  Sometimes I find myself watching TV at NOON.  And daytime TV SUCKS.  Everyone knows that.  But you know what?  I don't care, cos I have the time.  I can do what ever I want now (within legal restrictions).

Screw the rules, I have money.

So as I was saying, I'm loving college life.  Basically.  That's it.  In a nut shell.

What's not to like?  Less time spent studying.  Good.  More time spent socialising with friends.  Good.  Teachers don't care whether you swear or not.  Good.  Teachers swear themselves.  Good.  EMA.  Gooooooood.

Anyway, enough living in the past.  Let's move to the future.  The bright future (that's not orange btw, despite Orange telling you otherwise).  More specifically, the future is: SPACE.

Yes, as you may have guessed by now.  I'm talking about Super Mario Galaxy. Ha~ha!  It'sa me!  Mario!  Just doesn't have the same flare when it's just some text.

With the impending release of the game currently rated at 98 out of 100 on Metacritics the whole UK will stop and stare at this little Italian plumber jumping around awesomely presented spherical worlds.  According to the review scores, the little plumber is beating the likes of: HALO 3, THE ORANGE BOX, ASSASSINS CREED, BIOSHOCK, CALL OF DUTY 4: MODERN WARFARE.  Pretty much every game that's been released this year.

I think that's hinting, ever so slightly, at the 'Game of the Year' award.

I can't wait.  And with a whole weekend of undisturbed Mario fun, who could wait?

Super Mario Galaxy boxart... hehe... U R MR GAY.*

*Don't worry if you have no f*cking clue about what I'm on about.  Just look for the little stars...

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